Setting new standards, breaking old conventions. A priceless keepsake.

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Wedding Movies are at the forefront of commercial video production companies making a new breed of wedding videos. It is our passion to see this level of quality be made available to you.

The team at Wedding Movies all hold experience outside the wedding industry, bringing diverse perspectives that allow for a dynamic team. We are now a trusted and award winning brand of commercial video producers celebrating a decade in the industry, and we love what we do!

‘We are filmmakers crafting wedding movies, not wedding videographers trying to create movies’.

So what makes Wedding Movies different? Well, to put it simply, we have a passion for storytelling. Like any script to a feature film, each wedding is different and so one storyboard just doesn’t fit them all. We want to tell the story of your day!

‘Setting new standards, breaking old conventions’

Our team of filmmakers take pride in the priceless keepsake they produce. We truly believe our product is a treasure for all couples and families.

We would love to meet with you and your fiance to explain how we produce a wedding movie and to demonstrate our packages.

To book a consultation simply visit our website or contact our office.

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